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Welcome to the divine

Welcome to Spirit Matters, where we offer a wealth of resources to help you explore and deepen your connection with the divine. Spirituality is a journey of self-discovery, a path that leads to greater meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life.


Whether you are just starting out on your spiritual journey or have been exploring for years, our website is designed to provide you with inspiration, guidance, and community.

If you are looking to expand and learn about energy work, begin with our online guided home study. Learn at your own pace with the Reiki Up Guided Home Study courses. Seeking guidance from a psychic? Spirit Matters offers email readings to help guide your journey in life. Interested in expanding your existing practice? Explore our Reiki Master Training Certification program.


Visit often as we aim to fulfill your spiritual journey with more information, services and guidance.

Psychic Readings

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Reiki Up Guided Home Study

Study at home with Spirit Matters Reiki Up Guided Home Study Courses