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Cosmic Wink Readings

Would you like to know not only what energies this upcoming moment in time is going to bring for you, but what guideposts the divine is creating to help you recognize the best path for you?

Your personal COSMIC WINK oracle messages will help you identify what influences are most affecting you at any given time AND what signs to watch for so you can best work with the universal flow and your own personal life mission and vision.

Cosmic Winks are nudges and markers presented to you by the Universe, by your Higher Self, by your angels and spirit guides - to help you see your way to your best possible benefit.

Cosmic Winks can be phrases, descriptions of energies and influences, people, places and things. They can be symbols, colours, numbers - anything that catches your attention and helps things CLICK for you, so you can put the pieces of the puzzle of life together and get the picture that is uniquely and perfectly yours

Please look at your reading from both a literal as well as a symbolic and metaphorical point of view, as Spirit speaks to us in many ways.

Cosmic Wink Readings

  • Hello. After you make your purchase you will receive a message with a a page to download. This contatins and link to fill out informtion for your reading.

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