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Hi again, as usual, you mentioned two subjects that just happened. I reconnected with an old high school sweetheart the first of August and no sooner had I read your reading, I immediately received another email from him.  That gave me chills!!! And, someone called me last night and asked me if I'd be interested in singing for a special tribute show to "Patsy Cline. I just love your readings....they are so in tune with what's going on in my life. Thank you so much. I'll be writing back soon as I'm a little bit curious about the above mentioned!! Love, hugs and blessings to you my friend." Linda


Autumn Sky
"Zsuzsana, Thank you so very much for the reading. I cried through most of it. You were sooo "on target" with everything. I have my associates degree in psychology and am also a sober alcoholic, so trying to help and counsel people has been a strong and very rewarding part of my life for a long time. Currently, I am in an ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter training program, which feels as "right" as any path I have ever taken. But, I have been wondering if there is some way I can blend together my desire to work with the Deaf and my desire to counsel in some way. Bingo. Sounds like I'm headed toward the right direction. Maybe I could interpret for a counselor, or at a women's shelter. Thank you for the clarity. I appreciate all of your suggestions. Emerald green is my favorite color, maybe that is Gabriel giving me a hint :) I will try to build a closer relationship with him...I think it will be easier now that I have a name for him. Thank you again, Zsuzsana! You are providing such a wonderful service and I appreciate it, and you!! Peace and blessings to you!"


Peony Blossom
Shawn D. Experience: Excellent. Zsuzsana was very professional and friendly made the whole experience very relaxing and enjoyable. thanks again looking forward to the next reading."

Alexa Young, CA

Zsuzsana's Tarotscopes are the most inciteful readings on the web. They are so well thought out and meaningful. Her angel readings are astounding and I can highly recommend this to anyone that is interested in their life affairs. Zsuzsana has helped me through a crisis that I don't know what I would do without her gracious and heartfelt words, she truly understands lifes problems. With her help she can guide and suggest answers from our cosmic guides and angels. Blessings.

Tony in Connecticut

Testimonial Sandie D

"I've had numerous Readings with Zsuzsana through the years, with each one being accurate, the advice she offers bringing desired results, and the predictions spoken of arrive in a timely manner. She gives an interesting as well as informative Reading, and speaks in compassionate and caring tones. I have to admit that I've been to no other Readers due to the fact that I consider Zsuzsana's to be the best!  I recommend her highly to all seeking answers to their questions!!"

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