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Healing Stones

Spirit Matters

The Way It Should Be

Welcome to Spirit Matters

My name is Zsuzsana, and with 30 years of professional experience in the metaphysical field, I can help you get in touch with other realms to find the guidance and touchpoints that will help you on your journey. Join me for this special experience and let spirit reveal your future!

Testimonial Sandie D

"I've had numerous Readings with Zsuzsana through the years, with each one being accurate, the advice she offers bringing desired results, and the predictions spoken of arrive in a timely manner. She gives an interesting as well as informative Reading, and speaks in compassionate and caring tones. I have to admit that I've been to no other Readers due to the fact that I consider Zsuzsana's to be the best!  I recommend her highly to all seeking answers to their questions!!"

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