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It's pretty much accepted among paranormal investigators that ghosts are often evasive when one goes in to investigate a 'haunting'. It is very common for photo equipment and recording devices to mysteriously break down or malfunction in the presence of entities, and just when you want them to work the most.

Just this week when I was visiting a highly 'haunted' home, my SLR camera, which I had just loaded with a fresh roll of film, absolutely refused to work when I was trying to take photos of the area. The battery light started flashing, the flash wouldn't function, the whole camera simply 'balked', allowing me to only snap one picture with great deliberation and difficulty. As soon as I returned home, I took the camera out and tried it, and it was in perfect working order. Hmmmm. Quite possibly, those spirits hadn't had a chance to touch up their make-up for a photo session, or perhaps they were afraid the photograph would steal their souls? *grin*

The exception to this rule is digital camera photography, which often reveals orbs and such, but which many skeptics tend to discount as real proof of spirit photography. Having had quite a bit of experience with this myself, I disagree, but that's another story.

(Capturing the Paranormal)​

I'd like to share with you a photo which was actually taken with a regular 35mm automatic camera at a recent investigation I was part of. Here is an outside view of the building, and a picture of a ghost which we found in one of the guestrooms.

Interestingly, a short while after this photo was taken, a full investigative crew went in to this place and set up a complete array of high-tech recording equipment for a thorough test. The video camera malfunctioned wildly at about the same time the investigators tracked some ghostly voices and music on their sound system.

The area had been sealed off by them overnight and although they were in another room at the time, it was quite clear that the sound anomalies occurred at the same time the video recorder malfunctioned.

The building has since been cleared of the entities, but I delight in this 'candid camera' photo of the elusive ghost who inhabited that room.

Happy ghost-busting!

© Zsuzsana Summer, ArcanaMatrix. All rights reserved.

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