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Updated: Mar 27

Strange things were going on in my house that day.There was no-one there but me and the fur kids:>) That morning, I was startled by a huge crash on the main floor and when I went to investigate, I found that a tall, painted container which sat on top of the toilet in the powder room had crashed to the floor, spilling its contents. I was rather surprised and called out right away to the cats.

One of them occasionally climbs up on things, and he meowed from somewhere nearby when I called but I couldn't ascertain if he was the culprit or not. Then I put the matter down to the fact that the window was open and maybe somehow the wind had made the curtain catch into the container.Then a few minutes later, there was a huge crash from downstairs. I ran down, thinking again that maybe one of the cats had knocked something over. The dog was just as startled as I was and stayed close to my heels as I went to investigate.I found that a large chime I'd had for many years, made out of sea shells strung together, had crashed from where it hung above my kitchen window right into the sink. I picked it up immediately, checking for damage.

It was only a little chipped here and there. I checked the hook it hung on, which was still firmly screwed into the bulkhead above the sink. Then I checked the chime's hanger - tripled looped fishing wire, and that was also intact. In fact, everything was intact but the few chipped seashells. When I realized this, I immediately said 'OK, who's there?' - no answer. So it occurred to me to check the time on the phone display and it read 3:13. This was maybe a minute or two after the event happened.

I rearranged the chime and then on a whim, went back into the powder room to look at the container that had fallen over earlier, and I realized that the curtain clears it by an inch or two so there is no way the wind knocked it over. So unless it was my cat,.......All this done, I grabbed a glass of water and headed back up to my computer. As I sat down to type this, I realized that now my computer clock was showing 3:13. I know the clocks aren't synchronized, but I just found it funny that I looked at each clock when it was showing the same time

Strange, isn't it?



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