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Your Sixth Sense. Tune Up & Tune In

Updated: Apr 7

Everyone has a sixth sense and simply by tuning into it, we can benefit from the messages consistently being presented to us from the universe, our higher selves and our angels and guides.

You may choose to call this spiritual knowing ‘intuition’, ‘angel guidance’, or psychic skills’. Perhaps you get hunches, have prophetic dreams or maybe you enjoy life’s synchronicities. Whatever you call your sixth sense, if you validate and trust it, it blossoms accordingly and can be used to make the best, spirit-affirming options on this journey called life.

Psychic skills are like any other skill. We all have some measure of ability to do so, something and everything. It is what we choose to acknowledge, foster and value, however, that develops into a valuable skill.

Look at an acclaimed concert pianist for example. She was likely born with an inherent love of and gift for playing the piano and through years of study, dedication and practice, she became a master of her art.

But almost all of us can walk up to a piano and plunk a few keys and most of us can easily learn to play a simple melody. Those who enjoy this skill and who follow through on the desire to make better and more pleasing music take piano lessons or strengthen and hone their skills. And they usually keep getting better and better at it over time it is the same with psychic skills and the sixth sense

There are many simple ways to develop psychic skills. Meditation is considered a cornerstone of a balanced, emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy life and learning to turn off our monkey minds and access our higher guidance is a great way to open our psychic channels. Meditation doesn’t have to mean spending hours a day in lotus position, eyes closed and chanting ‘om’. We can meditate while walking the dog, doing dishes or soaking in the bathtub and even 5 minutes here and there add up to great spiritual benefits.

Journaling your dreams requires time and dedication but it is a wonderful exercise that helps you to confirm and foster your psychic or precognitive insights and to delve into daily and life issues by identifying your personal dream symbols and dream guidance.

Treating yourself to a session of Reiki or other alternative healing modality often helps open up dormant psychic and spiritual channels in addition to the other general healing benefits of the treatment.

There are many fun exercises for identifying and expanding on your psychic gifts that you can do alone or with a group of like-minded friends. Psychometry, remote viewing, dowsing, aura reading and channeling are great group activities requiring only a few tools, open minds and willing spirits.

Paying attention to signs and symbols along our paths also open us to our abilities and spirit connections. A white feather landing on your windshield, a special song coming on the radio or a robin flitting overhead as you walk to your bus stop in the morning are all messages telling you to pay attention. I know, because a little bird told me.

Zsuzsana, psychic consultations

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